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Gardening in a time of plague

Gardening in a time of plague Story and Poems: Gerry Jacobson Lockdown and isolation. Months of chocolate and TV. Can’t travel. But in Canberra there’s always somewhere to walk. And …

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Calendula officinalis

Article: Elizabeth Dangerfield (Canberra Organic – Summer 2020)Photo: Harish Kumar The pot marigold, or Calendula officinalis, lights up our winters with its bright yellow and orange daisy flowers when everything …


Floriade Comes to Kambah

Story and Photos: Shirley Bolton (Canberra Organic – Summer 2020) Canberrans are all garden lovers at heart. Who doesn’t love Canberra’s Floriade program, as we have known it for many …


Saving seed from summer’s bounty

Story and Photos: Thea O’Loughlin (Canberra Organic – Spring 2020) If you were lucky enough to have vines survive the recent harsh summer, then chances are pumpkin soup has been …

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In Praise of Silverbeet

Story: Gerry Jacobson (Canberra Organic – Spring 2018) “Eat yer vegies!” How the ancestral voices echo. Most of us call it ‘spinach’ but it’s really ‘silverbeet’, and it’s also known …

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Pumpkins Anyone?

Our first year at Betty Cornhill garden Story and Photo: Jo Kirwan (Canberra Organic – Spring 2019) Our first year at the Betty Cornhill community garden has been a very …


Community in Mitchell Garden

Two years ago, Gwen gave up her own veggie gardening and decided to help create a Donation Garden to provide vegetables for the Communities@Work pantry in Gungahlin.


Gorgeous Gourds

Gourgeous gourds (curcubita) By: Ange McNeilly (Canberra Organic – Spring 2019) Gourds belong to the plant family cucurbitaceae, along with pumpkin, squash, cucumber, watermelon and zucchini. Ornamental gourds range from …