COGS Membership Price Reduction

The COGS Executive Committee have decided to reduce membership fees for 2022-23.

Annual Membership Fees for 2022-23

  • Concession Card holders – $10 (was $25)
  • Full membership – $15 (was $35)

Plot fees per square metre remain unchanged for the third year in a row at $4.20.

As advised previously the wetter conditions, increased numbers of members, and the pandemic have led to COGS building up relatively large surpluses over the last two years (after deficits for the four prior years). Following the infrastructure review conducted last year we have invested in garden infrastructure across a number of our Gardens over the last 12 months, including new fencing at Oaks Estate, water infrastructure at Holder and shelters at Charnwood and Erindale. The Committee considers COGS has the capacity to invest in further infrastructure over the next 12 months as well as return some cash back to members in the form of lower membership fees.

The Committee is conscious that hotter dryer conditions will return and our current low water bills will not continue. We will review fee levels each year and will adjust them as necessary to ensure COGS remains in a sound financial position, invests in infrastructure and continues to deliver for our members.

Visit the COGS Membership Page here.

Neil Williams
COGS Treasurer