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Backyard Worm Farm Tips

Tips for a successful backyard worm farm to reduce household waste Article and Photos: Cid Riley (Canberra Organic – Winter 2021) Want to reduce household waste? Did you know worm …

The grapevine moth caterpillar chewing on Virginia creeperMagazine

Grapevine moth caterpillar

Article and Photos: Ange McNeilly (Canberra Organic – Autumn 2021) Opening the front door on Wednesday, 17 December 2020, I noticed that the veranda floor was covered in black spots …

Self portrait with Chicken - Sue PavasarisMagazine

From Canberra to Mullumbimby

Gardening in a sub-tropical paradise Article and Photos: Sue Pavaris (Canberra Organic – Summer 2020) Canberra Organic readers may remember me from when I edited the magazine between 2013 and …