Crace Garden

Opened on 31 August 2013, the Crace Garden was built by the consortium responsible for developing the suburb.

Unlike most COGS gardens, which mostly have ground level plots, the Crace Garden comprises 30 raised beds of various sizes. Some of the beds have been divided into multiple plots, providing space to cater for up to 45 gardeners. There are currently 33 gardeners from a variety of backgrounds and experience enjoying the garden.

Being close to the Gungaderra Grasslands and the Gungahlin Hill woodlands, we have plenty of birds visit the garden, mostly cockatoos, rosellas and noisy mynahs though small birds like wrens and silver eyes are starting to migrate into the suburb and visit as well.

We have semi-regular working bees to control weeds on the crushed granite paths and around the edges of the garden, which helps in providing opportunities to build the garden community. As the garden came equipped with a BBQ area, it greatly helps socialising amongst the gardeners, with BBQs after most working bees, Annual General Meetings and to mark other significant events.

The shed is fully stocked with tools either donated by the members of the garden or bought as required. We have now added a number of bins, either for composting or for storing mushroom compost or stable sweepings from Pegasus Riding for the Disabled of the ACT.

Almost from the beginning of garden, we started collecting surplus crops to donate to the Mustard Seed Food Pantry at the Uniting Church in Gungahlin. We have augmented this with a dedicated garden, growing crops specifically for Mustard Seed.

Finally, we have two active and one inactive honeybee hives and a native bee hotel which hosts 6 species according to our beekeeper.  The supply of honey has been a bit variable due to the extremely variable weather, so we hope that a warmer summer and the restocking of the inactive hive will provide a more regular supply in the future.

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The garden is on the south-east edge of Crace, looking over the Gungaderra Grasslands Nature Reserve. The garden can be difficult to locate from Langtree Crescent. The main entrance is on Drooka Crescent.