The Dickson Community Garden was established in the winter of 2010. A Dickson College teacher, since retired, worked with COGS to convert a defunct agricultural teaching facility into a community garden. The stalls where the sheep were kept can still be seen! Initially there were 10 plots on site which has since grown to over 20 by splitting some larger beds and creating new ones in lawn areas.

There is a Memorandum of Understanding between COGS and Dickson College setting out expectations for both parties. Dickson College has 2 plots available as part of its curriculum activities for students either from refugee backgrounds or with learning disabilities. We are fortunate to have gardeners who support the school in this endeavour, both during school terms and holidays. The remainder of plots are gardened by COGS members and the garden is managed by COGS. We are delighted to provide fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs to a local café and church.

Dickson Garden has 5 community beds: raspberries, mixed berry patch, perennial vegetables, herb and a flower garden. We are expanding a small selection of current fruit trees (nashi, lime and fig) to include a small grove of dwarf fruit trees. The gardeners are fortunate to have a permanent brick building comprising of 2 rooms in which community and personal tools and supplies are stored. A large glasshouse and 2 rainwater tanks with pump complete the infrastructure on site.

The gardeners are keen to reduce waste to landfill and have a range of strategies to return plant material to the soil which includes compost piles, weed tea and worm farms. A large mural was created in 2015 by Dickson College students. In 2023 the mural was changed by 3 art students at Dickson College to incorporate fruit, vegetables and beneficial insects, we love its colour and celebration of growing local!

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The Dickson Community Garden is located on the grounds of Dickson College, corner of Phillip Avenue and Majura Avenue.