Kaleen Community Garden was established in 2011. The Garden is on the grounds of the Kaleen High School and operates under a Memorandum of Understanding and Licence with the School.

There are a number of individual garden plots and a communal fruit tree orchard. There is capacity for around 35 members / households for plot allocations. Some members do not want an allocation and participate as a friend of the garden. 

Members have worked together to establish a pollinator bed that decorates the street view. On the other side is Murong Farm, belonging to Kaleen High School. The Murong farm goats are delightful in their interest in the gardening activities. The magpies are not hindered by the boundary fence and along with the occasional blue tongue lizard, contribute to pest control. 

Pests may be attracted to food waste, so with the proximity of the agricultural program, gardeners are not encouraged to compost food waste at the garden. However, compost bins are provided and there is a trash pack for couch and prickly canes. Items that take more time to break down go to the green waste program. The soil is mostly clay, a heavy soil that responds well to the addition of organic materials. 

Members describe the garden as a place to relax. There is a shaded pergola with tables to share some morning tea or an evening birdsong. 

There are a range of plot sizes to meet individual needs. Plots range from around 10 m2 to 50 m2. There is a wait list for allocations. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the garden. 

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The Kaleen Community Garden is located adjacent to the Kaleen High School on Baldwin Drive in Kaleen.