Community Garden Waitlist

Each of the gardens typically has a waitlist. To put your name down on the waitlist for a plot you must first become a member of COGS. Most turnover of plots occurs around August/September each year coinciding with the annual membership renewal process. However, the waitlist can fluctuate and plots can become available during the year. You can contact the Convenor at each of the gardens to get the latest waitlist information and to arrange a visit to the garden to see if you would like to become a member.

Waitlist Status – May 2024

Betty Cornhill Garden1Email Betty Cornhill Convenor
Charnwood0Email Charnwood Convenor
Cook6Email Cook Convenor
Crace7Email Crace Convenor
Dickson1Email Dickson Convenor
Erindale1Email Erindale Convenor
Holder3Email Holder Convenor
Kaleen2Email Kaleen Convenor
Kambah5Email Kambah Convenor
Mitchell3Email Mitchell Convenor
Oaks Estate2Email Oaks Estate Convenor
O’Connor3Email O’Connor Convenor