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The Canberra Organic Growers Society is a non-profit organisation that welcomes new members who want to be part of our activities promoting organic gardening knowledge and practices and our community gardens, or just want to support our work.

The benefits of becoming a COGS member include:

  • Eligibility for a plot in a COGS community garden
  • Nomination of up to four associates
  • Quarterly Canberra Organic magazine (electronic or hard copy)
  • Invitation to COGS member activities
  • Becoming part of a garden community
  • Eligibility to nominate for an elected position
  • Eligibility to vote at General or Special meetings.

COGS Community gardens

COGS operates 12 community gardens across Canberra. Financial members are eligible to apply for a plot.

Prospective members should note that most COGS community gardens are full and that there are waiting lists for plots.

When applying for a garden plot multiple gardens can be nominated, but a member can hold a plot in one garden only.

Membership Fees

Fees are charged annually in July/August and apply from 1 September to 31 August.

The current annual fees (which are reviewed each year) are:

 Membership Fee$15$10
Community garden plot*$4.20m²$4.20m²
*This covers the cost of water used

COGS expects plot holders to participate in garden working bees.

Pro-rata fees

There is no pro-rata payment of the membership fee for people who join part way through the year, but people who obtain a plot part way through the year will be charged a pro-rata fee for the plot. Note for members who join in the winter months of June, July and August – you will not be charged a membership fee again until August of the following year. For members who obtain a plot during the winter months – you will be charged the annual plot fee for the plot until the following August, but you will be charged the membership fee if you joined prior to June. 

There is no fee for associates.  However, associates cannot be allocated a plot or participate in elections. Nominating Members are responsible for ensuring their associates comply with the rules of COGS, and are accountable for their actions while in a COGS community garden.

Online Membership Form

You can complete the following online Membership Form to join COGS. You will be sent a Welcome Letter from COGS once your Membership Form has been processed.

Direct debit to cover the appropriate membership fees is the preferred payment method. A payment receipt must be attached to your completed, signed application.


    Concession fees are available to individuals who are Government Healthcare Card holders, Concession Card holders or full-time students.


    First Name/Surname*:


    COGS is a volunteer organisation and relies on volunteers for its continued operation. In which areas would you be prepared to volunteer time and skills?

    ~ (Carpentry/plumbing/handy person jobs)


    Please indicate your preferred method of delivery

    COMMUNITY GARDEN - Expression of Interest

    Which garden(s) do you have an interest in as a plot-holder applicant?


    Direct Deposit

    This is the preferred payment method. Use your surname as a reference. Proof of payment (copy of receipt) must accompany this application.
    Account Name: Canberra Organic Growers Society Inc
    BSB: 032-719
    Account No: 291247
    Attach Payment Receipt:
    Payment for membership has been made:
    Receipt Number:


    By submitting this form, I agree to comply with the COGS Constitution, including the General Community Garden Rules, and if a plot holder at a COGS garden, I acknowledge that I am responsible for ensuring any associates comply with the Rules of COGS and am also accountable for the actions of any visitors, including children, to a COGS Garden.

    Download Membership Form

    You may also download and complete a COGS Membership Form and return the completed, signed application by:

    Email to (scanned as an attachment) members@cogs.asn.au


    Mail to
    Membership Secretary COGS
    P.O. Box 347
    Dickson ACT 2602

    If you have an urgent enquiry, please email members@cogs.asn.au for assistance.

    Privacy: COGS collects and uses your personal information for membership and plot allocation administration, magazine delivery, and to provide you with information. We will not disclose your data to external parties without your consent.