Dear fellow COGS Members

I am writing to you concerning proposed amendments to the COGS’ Constitution. Updating the Constitution was identified as a priority task at the COGS’ planning day in February 2021.

A small sub-committee has been working on this and I want to thank all the members for the many hours of work they have put in.

Below you will find a revised draft Constitution and Explanatory Notes that set out the reasons for specific amendments. These are being circulated to all members for a period of two months for comment. At the end of the two-month period, comments will be collated and considered for incorporation into a revised draft. Only then will the formal process of amending the Constitution begin, culminating in a special general meeting of all members to consider the amendments.

In amending the COGS Constitution, I want emphasise that it is not the intention to change the purpose of COGS, what it does or even how it does things. The proposed amendments to the Constitution are to bring it into line with current regulatory requirements, clarify ambiguous and outdated language and align it with current practices.

COGS will also be obtaining legal advice to ensure that the proposed amendments are consistent with all legal requirements.

The key areas of amendment to the Constitution are:

  • Aims and objectives (simplified and clarified);
  • Membership (a more streamlined and equitable arrangement proposed);
  • Dispute resolution (included as required by regulations);
  • Role and election of garden committees and convenors clarified; and
  • General garden rules reordered.

If you wish to discuss any of the proposed amendments, please do not hesitate to contact me ( or 0408 247 360).

Written comments must be received by 20 May 2022 to be considered in the final draft.

Andy Hrast