About the Garden

As at July 2018, COGS advise that there has been no further activity by the ACT Government towards the development of a community garden in Coombs. The garden was previously to be located be located in the John Gorton Drive / Fred Daly vicinity, however ACT Government decided not to proceed with the site.

COGS will continue to maintain contact with ACT Government in relation to the establishment of a community garden in the Molonglo area.

Please send an email to gardens@cogs.asn.au if you would like to register your interest in becoming involved in a community garden in the Molonglo area.

Other existing COGS gardens in the area are the Betty Cornhill garden located off Cotter Road near Curtin, and the Holder garden near Streeton Drive. Kambah also has a COGS community garden.

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The site of the proposed garden is on Fred Daley Drive, Coombs.