A selective index of articles of perennial interest from Canberra Organic (from Autumn 1993 to Spring 2023)  

This index, produced by Peter White, COGS member at the Charnwood Community Garden, allows you to find articles of practical, gardening-related interest from the pages of Canberra Organic on the COGS website. Only a small proportion of the articles published over 30 years is included but those that are are likely to be of ongoing interest and assistance to present-day gardeners.

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LEGEND: W=Winter, Sp=Spring, A=Autumn, Su=Summer,  e.g. W95p12 = Winter 1995 page 12 issue of Canberra Organic

Bees (see also insects)Su06p11; Sp09p16; A13p18; W20p18; W21p14 (ACT for bees); A22p19 (swarms)
Birds in gardensW06p17; Sp08p18;  Sp21p24; W19p14 (pardalotes); Su21p22 (magpies); Sp22p24 (Galah); A22p24 (Crimson Rosella); W22p24 (Superb Fairywren); A23p22 (Eastern Spinebill); W23p22 (Spotted Pardalote)
Biodynamic gardeningSp94p12; W96p7; Sp96p4; A00p7; Su07p18
Companion plantingSp94p24; W95p6; Sp96p7 & p15; Sp16p15
Compost and compostingA94p18; Su95p15; Sp00p25; W02p10 (Q&A); A05p20 (backyard); Su06p16; Su07p16 & Sp10p10 (bokashi); Sp07p26; A07p10; Su08p17 (for beginners); Sp16p18 (with microbial inoculants); Su18p13 (composting carp); Sp18p19 (lactobacillus serums); W19p16 (community composting); W20p6 (hot composting); Sp23p18 (use of coffee waste)
FertilisersSp93p6; Sp94p5; A0017 (arguments against chemicals);  A02p13 (Seaweeds, use of); Sp06p27 (nutrients); Sp23p21 (DIY organic fertiliser)
Fruit trees (see also pruning)W93p24 & p33; Su10p15 (apricots); Sp23p12 (espaliered apples)
Food preservation and storageSu99p17; W01p21 (drying tomatoes); Sp03p28 (home food dehydrators); A04p22 (semi-dried toms); A04p6 (summer produce); A04p27 (figs and plums); Su08p24 (plums); Su09p20 (a variety of methods); A13p20–23 (storage, preservation, fermentation); W14p16 (herb drying); W15p4 (solar dryer); Sp17p16 (using Fowlers Vacola); Sp23p19 (preserving tomatoes)
Greenhouses, tunnels, cloches, frames, growing containersW95p12; W99p10 (salad containers); Sp00p19 (cold frames); Sp05p18 (greenhouse); Sp09p12 (cloches – how to build and use); W10p18 (mini cloche); Su15p12 (protecting early tomatoes)
Growing techniques, tools and equipmentCrop rotation: Su06p16 (backyard crop rotation in Canberra); W09p16 (crop rotation & tips); Su16p18 Netting: W12p17; W14p14; A15p16 Organic growing: Su22p18 Propagation: A94p14; Sp15p10 Recycling: Su09p12Sp18p10; W21p6; A23p18 (pots) Wicking beds: Su09p15; A13p13 Other: Sp94p10 (using soil blocks), p13 (tools); Sp96p19 (hints for different veggies); A01p18 & Sp01p16 (no-dig gardens); W02p21 (Ho-Mi Asian hand cultivator); Su07p14 (guerilla gardening); Su10p26 (DIY potato cage); Su12p12 (setting up a dripper system); Su12p16 (mulching); Sp12p12 (heated propagator);  A14p13 (hand pollination); Su15p16 (organic mowing); Sp17p5 (DIY seed ribbons); Su19p20 & A20p20 (indoor microgreens); W20p21 (DIY seedling transplanter)
Growing hints and tips for individual species (substantive articles only). See also fruit trees.Asparagus:  A94p13; A07p12; Sp09p10; Sp16p12 (incl cooking) Artichokes, Jerusalem: W03p30 Artichokes, Globe: Su03p30; Sp08p14; Sp08p14; A18p18; W19p15 Asian greens: A05p21; Sp10p14 Beans: Su02p16; Su05p28; W09p10 (a COGS growing experiment) Beans, broad: A02p10; A06p26; W08p15; Sp14p18 Beetroot: Sp02p13; A09p14; Su15p10 Berries: Sp01p12; Su07p12 (raspberries) Berries, blue: W95p8; Sp95p11; Su95p7 Broccoli: A00p22; A11p17 Brussels sprouts: A03p26; W10p14; W16p15; Su21p17 Bushfoods: W99p6 Cabbage: Sp17p4; Sp95p8 Calendulas: Su20p18 Cauliflowers: W98p16; Su00p6; A17p16; Sp22p15 Carrots: Sp00p16; Sp07p13; A22p17 Celery: A10p11; Sp11p18 Cherries: Su08p12 Chilies: Sp01p9; Su09p11 Citrus: A01p10; Su21p16 (pots or inground) Cucumbers  Su99p22; A16p7 (bitterness in) Dahlias: A16p10; Eggplant: A11p19; A21p17 English spinach: Sp08p15; Feijoas: A17p18; W17p16 Fennel: Su07p13 Garlic: Sp09p11 Gourds: Sp19p15 Grapes: A15p14  Green manures: A98p14; W00p12; A08p14 (why, when, how); A16p16 Herbs: Su00p17; Sp01p18; Su01p12; W08p14; A10p30; W21p16 Hops: Sp08p10 Kale: A09p15; Sp11p19 Kohlrabi: Sp93p15; W10p13 Leeks: Sp07p12 Lavender: Sp06p14; Su06p20 Nuts: W94p6; Sp07p20 Okra: W18p17 Onions: W94p22; W01p23; W06p24 Olives: A10p10 Peas: Su93p23 (snap) A06p26; W09p13; A12p18 Potatoes: A98p13 & 22; Su00p15Sp03p22; W08p16; Sp10p13; Su17p14 Pumpkins: W09p12; A16p12 Radish: W11p19 Salad greens: A01p22; Su08p13 Silverbeet: Sp18p15 Squash: W00p17 Sweet potatoes: Su22p20 Stevia: A99p6/7 Strawberries: Su09p10; Su12p20 Sweet corn: A08p18 Tomatoes: A00p20; Su04p26 (trellising & tips); A05p22; W14p18 (COGS tasting comparison); W06p10 (varieties); Su06p28; Su16p16 Turnips: A08p19 Warrigal greens: A23p19 Watermelon: Sp98p15 Winter crops:  Su93p24; Su01p17 Yacon (root crop): Su20p20 Zucchini: Su10p14
Insects (positives of insects) (see also Bees)A94p23 (lacewing hotels); Su93p18 & Su09p19 (beneficial insects); W98p11 (wasps); Su20p17 (paper wasps); Su98p12; W03p28 (plantings to encourage predator insects); A12p12 (ladybirds); Sp14p13 (bee-friendly plants); Su14p13 (insect hotels); Su19p7 (bee hotel)
ManuresSp98p19 fresh manure use; W11p11
Miscellaneous topicsSp07p21 (psychological benefits of gardening); Su08p20 (recognising nutrient deficiencies in plants & soils); W16p12 (remembering Betty Cornhill); A15p18 (cash value of veggie gardening)
Pests in the gardenBrassicas, pests on: Sp95p8; W10p26 (cabbage moth); W20p20 (DIY cabbage moth decoys) Codling moth: W08p26 (on apples) Descriptions of & mgmt of pests: A13p10 Eggplants, pests on: Su04p11 European Wasps: Su08p14 Grapevine Moth caterpillar: A21p20 Parsnips – skin rash: A16p6; Pest/disease management: A96p13; Sp07p14; A07p20; Pesticides/fungicides: Sp97p8; Sp99p9 (pyrethrins); Rats: Sp22p7 Strawberry virus: Su93p24 Slugs, snails & slaters: Su99p8; A00p7; Su09p30 & A18p19 (slaters); W15p14; Su20p2 Snakes : W16p16 Solarisation for weed and pest control: Su00p21 Tomato wilt: A19p18 Treatments: Su96p15 (see also Insects) Weeds: Sp06p8; A05p11 (removing couch); Sp15p15 (integrated management) Various tricks for pests: Su99p8; Su01p16
Plots/gardens  – plans, edging, sizes and community garden issuesNew gardens/plots: Sp01p22; W10p10 & p16; Su20p6;  Sp20p18 Other: W01p12 & Sp22p10 (plans & layouts); Sp98p15 (treated timber use in gardens); A11p15 (managing community gardens); Su18p6  & Sp19p14 (plot edging)
PropagationA94p14; Sp15p10
Pruning (see also fruit trees)A93p24; W96p5; A08p20 (stone fruits); W08p18 (pome – apples, pears etc.)
Recipes from COGS cooks (a selection only)Artichokes: A99p8; Su19p19 (globe) Beetroot: Su15p10 Broad beans: Sp09p20; Su15p21 Beans (& toms): A21p22 Cakes: W93p12W94p7 semolina; Su97p15; A02p10 Curry: A06p26 (harvest bake) Eggplant: W99p17 Gherkins: A20p17 (pickled) Kale: Sp23p26 (chips) Kimchi (cabbage): Su21p24 Liqueurs(fruit): W96p19 Onions, pickled: W12p10 Peas: Sp15p16 (and preserving) Pickles & similar: Su97p15; W01p23 (relishes); A01p15; Su09p24 (jams, pickles & sauces); W10p15 (rhubarb chutney) Pies: Sp01p17 spinach; Sp99p16 vegetable  Pumpkins: W09p20; A16p14 (empanadas); Sp19p12; A21p23 Rosehips  W16p8 SaladsSp95p23; Su99p13 ; W00p29; Sp10p21 Silverbeet: Su11p20; Sp22p19-20 Soups:  W94p7 chestnut; W97p22; A98p17; W08p12 (hearty winter); W15p3 (zucchini) Tomatoes: A01p20; W15p19 (+sauces and jam) Turnips & swedes:  W94p25 Vegetable juices: Sp01p24; Vegetarian:  Su96p17; A11p24 Zucchini: W99p22; A06p25; W06p26; A09p20; A11p22; A19p16; Su14p18 (incl. preserving & recipes); A21p21 (grilled); A22p16
Seed savingW20p14; Sp20p15; A21p18
SoilsA93p21; W93p13; Su96p10; W03p29 (use of rock dust); Sp16p8 (volcanic dust); A05p10; Sp05p22; Su05p12; Su04p22 (backyard organic); Su17p21 (basalt rock dust); A23p22 (microbes)
Watering – everything aboutSu95p25; Su02p7 (plant water needs); Su03p6; Sp06p5;  Sp07p10 (managing grey water); Sp07p11 (water-saving tips); A07p2 (efficient watering); A14p20; Sp20p20
Water tanksSp04p10; Su05p20 (D.I.Y. tanks); Su07p21
WormsW9 p10; Su98p16 (castings); W01p24 (juice); A03p22 (use of worm products); Su04p17 & Sp22p22 (backyard worm farm); Sp08p20 & W21p20 (garden worms); Sp18p17 (towers and inground); Su20p21 (DIY worm tower); Sp23P6 (worm counting)

Selective index compiled by Peter White of the COGS Charnwood Community Garden, August 2023