Article and Photos: Ed Highley (Canberra Organic – Spring 2023)

For a few years now, I’ve had good results using a ‘solution’ of the organic fertiliser and soil conditioner ‘Dynamic Lifter’. My formula is to load about 400 g of the pellets into a 2 L milk container (so, 200 g per L), add water, give it a good shake, then let it ‘mature’ for a while, giving it another good shake from time to time and when you come to use it. You could add 40–50 mL Seasol for added plant health. I use about 500 mL of my ‘concentrate’ per 9 L watering can. I cannot vouch for any pure science for the quantities in my recipe, only an observation that the plants and soil biota appear to appreciate it. I put solution in inverted commas at the start of this note because the mixture is not a true solution: it contains a lot of suspended solids, so don’t bother with a rose on your watering can, it’ll only get blocked. An added tip is that it makes life a lot easier if you use a wide-throated funnel when loading the pelletised fertiliser into your container.